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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Taurus New Moon Transmission - Psychic Sisters"

Yasmine my soul star sister visited us from Canada. Yasmine is a Gemini with a Pisces moon, I am a Pisces with a Gemini moon. We are so different yet so alike.
We had a “blast” doing spiritual work, laughing, eating, praying, making orgone together. The energies invoked were unbelievable powerful!!!

We were guided to send the new moon Taurus transmission to you in a very powerful and beautiful setting in the Mountains of Las Vegas desert in Red Rock Canyon.

We followed our spiritual guidance as soon as we got to the trailhead we were greeted by a humming bird who was just hovering high in the sky above us, directing us towards the place where we were supposed to do our New Moon Transmission.

In the shamanic tradition the hummingbird has superpowers to heal and is associated with the heart center, serving as a link between the physical worldly plane and the higher spiritual plane. Hummingbird travels through all dimensions of time and space, including the timeless place of silence.
Hummingbird also acts as a messenger between the worlds of the living and the dead.

The hummingbird suddenly disappeared into a tree in the distance, so we followed her to see what the message was: the tree’s trunk branched into two: “Souls sisters coming from same soul family reuniting“ --- we immediately knew it: we were “ONE tree” just different branches (in our case twin) also given the blessing to do this work as ONE …

Once we arrived at our “sacred location” we started invoking the elements, directions, high spirits, angels and guides, including people’s higher selves that were open to participating into this transmission.

The presence of the spirits was very powerful. All the elements were working together in sync. At some point both of us saw and felt water washing away the pollution of our bodies, mind, spirit as well as Earth’s pollution. The waters we saw were quite calm, soothing, nurturing.

Water is connected at a very intimate level with the moon, in particular New Moon. The water element is also connected to our breathing cycle, when we breath thru our right nostril (which is lunar in nature) we connect to our feminine aspect - stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain which is related to emotions.

The water element is connected to the second (navel chakra) - the essence of life.

The earth element was present as Taurus moon is earthy and the energy felt very grounding and reassuring. It is good practice to start tuning into those energies recognizing them, to bring subtle awareness in your daily reality.

A few minutes after we finished the ritual a huge vortex like a wave of energy emerging from the location of our ritual spread across the mountain’s edge and moved very fast.

A bird started squeaking and we followed her. The core of the vortex opened even more and the bird was showing us the opening into small waves of energy to people’s higher selves and places.

The place we were guided to hold our lunar transmission (the vortex opening)

We could see ethereally the gemstone Azurite everywhere after the vortex has opened up. Azurite is the stone of “heaven” and provides guidance through third eye. I use azurite in the creation of third eye orgone pendants, as it awakens the development of the psychic self, activating the brow chakra, providing insight to all areas of life. Ancient civilizations like Mayans used this stone to transfer sacred knowledge and wisdom. Native Americans use it to facilitate contact with spiritual guides. There was no coincidence this stone has been shown to us after our work has completed.

On our journey we encountered different bird and animals like chipmunk (warrior spirit) and fox (teaches how to grasp concept of unity and how to use this knowledge wisely). A power animal is the spirit energy of the animal on the earthly plane. The animals represent the sub-conscious mind, giving the information about the energy held. Any living creature (including trees or plants) can serve as a spirit animal.

A few people emailed us to let us know the powerful effects this moon transmission had on them.

"Dear Lilly, I'm writing because I'd like to say Thank You for all you've done for me over the last few weeks. I greatly appreciate it. I really do. You and Yasmine are very unique human beings (are you even humans or you're just both angels in human-like form?) Sincerely, Arthur"

Connect with the source of spiritual powers of those moon transmissions that is present in every cell affecting all of us deeply.

Heart Blessings,



From Yasmine:

"The new moon transmission was a 'reunion of the souls' which journey was an inspired one that was paved out in such a subtle way that the after effects were destined to unfold very powerfully, everything was arranged by angelic muses and helpers that were just there to assist with messages that were hand in hand with synchronicities - Nature is working with us in every possible way.

Since the empowerment we received we have become like tuning forks and can absorb large amounts of cosmic energy from around us - from the trees, the rocks, stones plants, nature has levels upon levels of vibrational sources that will transfer their qualities freely to us right now to support this transition to a new existence based on creative consciousness, the control and power paradigm has come to an end, the birds came to show us we are free spirits and our spirits fly, we are families of 'soul birds' and they came to show us their world.
The hummingbird came first and symbolizes an opportunity for great joy and accomplishment~ we saw an albatross in the astral - they fly much higher than other birds, they see the entire picture, they are out of the crowded lower skies and soar independently unrestrained- on the ground, the earth’s dense domain, they seem clumsy even 'out of place', yet in the air they are in their element and go beyond! The albatross is also a symbol of approaching new opportunities~

The condor which is means we are coming into Time of great protection and spirit contact.

We were shown the Twin peaked tree we called the 'Psychic sisters tree' , we thought it was significant how solid its roots were attached and connected firmly in its source, yet growing as separate parts of the whole each unique but reflecting the other- perfectly!

Arriving home I received a confirmation from the Crows in my garden, I marvel always at how they appear black like shadows and when still you can see all the colors in their splendor reflecting from their 'blackness' ~ they have been showing up since and for many, they are auspicious and mean Magic is calling and all about you!

The birds are messengers from the otherworlds, if we are connected to them, we are lucky indeed, as they are direct whisperers to the spirit from the spirit- listen to their language and messages, they are profound and multifold they are calling to us!

The energies opened up several portals that day, it was a manifestation of magickal and high spiritual energies being anchored into the earth, the Taurus moon made it ground deeply, into the earth, into our cells, deep into our consciousness, we are a reflection of everything just like still water reflects, as the water washes away all that is not needed it becomes calm and still it becomes 'all that is' ~ There is only Love and beauty

In Lak'esh ~ I am you and you are me

Psychic Sisters Tree

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