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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Foot chakra balancers (orgone) clear the sky - experiment"

Here is a story from someone that used our feet chakra balancers (orgone) to clear the sky.

"I was experimenting with the FCBs (feet chakra balancers- orgone) the day I received them.

It was overcast and I held one up in the window and focused it on a spot in the sky... which soon afterward I noticed light break through the room and lift everything.

The other day I did the same after finding myself singing "Cloudbusting" to her -- she loves Kate Bush, and I informed her that this song was about Orgonon... upon which I played it for her as we stood in the window together.

Today, we woke to it being so dreary, gray and rainy again. Gwen (daughter) got up and took my one of the orgonite FCBs and held it up to the window and said she was going to bring back the blue sky. While she was doing this, she asked me how it worked to do this, and I told her I would look into it more so I might explain it to her. Then after a bit she laid it in the windowsill to do its 'work' and walked away. About an hour or so later the sun came out and there was blue sky.

She ran in here and said, "It worked! The orgonite made it beautiful out!"

She was very satisfied with this experiment. :) "

Feet chakra Balancers not only clear out the skyes but are amazingly important tools of spiritual growth, energy healing, they even help detoxing radiation and other types of pollution.

They help with grounding and earthing, (great to use while flying), they protect against all sort of negativity, including dark entities, they help one sleep very good, waking up refreshed, rejuvenated, they help in opening psychic and intuitive channels, and much much more...

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