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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Messages from Spirit: Intuition and Clairaudience

Last week my husband and I went on 2 different hikes and in each and every hike I received powerful messages from Spirit via animals and birds.  

During one of these hike a bird was screaming so loud that was quite annoying.
This usually means 'WARNING!'   So I had to stop, connect and ask Spirit: “What's the message?”

I clearly heard the bird saying: ”FIRE, GO BACK. FIRE GO BACK” numerous times. The message was received via clairaudience (psychic hearing).  

We are all different, although I believe we are all born with psychic gifts. Some people feel when something is not right, some people 'just know', others have premonitions or visions. Some people receive messages via more than just one psychic sense.
In my case I knew that something was wrong (intuition) and I heard the bird clearly (psychic hearing).

Clairaudience is usually the hardest psychic gift to develop.

This was also my weakest gift and now it is developing beautifully. It is connected with the throat chakra.
I have been doing a lot of work on my throat chakra lately and listen to a lot of audio guided meditations, so I believe this is the reason this gift has greatly improved.

So, once I have acknowledged the message, the bird stopped screaming. I have tested my intuition again, by ignoring it, but not for long. I have learned my lessons in the past the hard way by not paying attention to intuition and messages from Spirit. Not this time.

  I was prepared and ready to respond immediately. But like many of us wanted a proof first. So, only a few minutes after hearing the bird screaming, a thunder storm started. We immediately decided to turn back.
 As we were hiking back, the thunderstorm intensified. The bird was totally right. There was a fire in the mountains which started to grow and by the time we got back to the car we could not only see the smoke but also could smell it.
That night the mountain was evacuated and roads to the mountain were blocked.

Intuition is a gift we all have. It is a priceless gift to master.


Many times when we listen to Intuition, we can prevent dangerous situations. It also helps us manifest, become successful, have great relationships and stable. People say to me “yes but you are a psychic, you can see it but I cannot”.

 Let me tell you, we can see, feel, hear, know. It is not easy though, it does require individual work. Society tries to suppress, hide, ignore or even make fun of the psychic phenomena. Lately, more and more people are awakening to the reality that there is more then the physical eyes can see. There is an invisible world of spirit that is very real but cannot be proven by science. And this world is made accessible via intuition and psychic awareness..  

Meditation helps increase very rapidly intuition and psychic awareness.

However many people find it quite hard to meditate. So, I have developed a few guided meditations that are received straight from the Source and are very helpful in developing the intuition gift.

Check out these great MP3 downloads that can help you deepen your spiritual work, connect with your Higher self and Intuition easy while feeling good.

Blessings, Lily Natures Blessings

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