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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dreams ~ Addictions ~ Spiritual Yearning

Some time ago I had an insightful dream about addictions.  
In that dream my spirit guides talked about addictions: sex addictions and any kind of attraction that’s not healthy.   A lot of people are addicted to celebrities. Mass Media created a cult for celebrity that leads to addictions: addictions to teacher, guru, celebrity etc    
Spirit guides showed me this technique and I am happy to share it with you.
Ground your feet on Mother Earth and pull this Earth Energy into sexual chakra (bellow navel).
Then stop there for a bit, breathe and acknowledge the “addiction”.  
Be brave, it’s okay.  
Then move up the energy to your heart center and let it out of your system with forgiveness. Forgive the one you are attracted/addicted to and forgive yourself. Do this as much as you need it. Spirit guides also mentioned martial arts people know how to control and balance this chakra, so you might want to consider martial arts if the issue is deep and you need to strengthen this chakra. Martial arts also help with self confidence and grounding.  
Yoga and other gentle arts open our channels beautifully but at the same time by being so open we can easily be manipulated unless we are centered and grounded. I know quite a few women who are attracted, some quite obsessed with their yoga, spiritual teachers/gurus.
And this is because of not having the lower chakras balanced, in particular feet, root and second chakra.  
At the base of each and any addiction is the thirst for spirituality, wholeness connection with divinity, God.  
There is something missing that needs to be fulfilled and that’s why we crave what we crave. Almost all of us have addictions: starting from foods, sex, alcohol, drugs to smart phones, technology, gossip, criticism, infatuation, ego etc… When we have the same habit of doing the same thing knowing that it doesn’t serve us well but we do it anyway, then that’s an addiction. Once we accept and acknowledge that we do have an addiction no matter how minor it might be we can work on minimizing it without suffering.
Spiritual practice is the answer.
Lilly Natures Blessings  
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