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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Awakening: Yourself and Entire World

awakeningBecome more AWARE about what the world is.

Many people all over the world are going through intense personal changes in their lives which lead to expansion on consciousness.

Massive shift in global consciousness happens because of individual awakening. The ones who are not awakened are blind to the Truth within, blind to the ancient Wisdom and blind to the Greatest Reality.

Most of us wish that our family and friends, people we know would also awaken.

But the secret is that the more we awaken ourselves the more we help others and prepare the path for mass awakening. Remember you cannot force anyone into awakening. Force will only bring more resistance; instead do your own individual spiritual work. This meditation was received from Spirit during a New moon transmission.

The purpose of this meditation is to work on awakening yourself. Self awakening leads to mass awakening. If you want to help others awaken this meditation is going to be very helpful.
If you consider yourself awakened and you want to help others awaken, a friend, member of your family or the entire world, this meditation will help to do that.

So here it is:

Step1: Imagine a broom coming from heaven starting to clean your entire aura, dusting off any piece of ignorance that might be present in your aura which is your energy field. Imagine that dust disappearing into the Earth where it is being recycled by Mother Earth.

Step 2: Bring your awareness to the Earth beneath your feet. Take a deep breathe into your feet and activate the energy in your feet. Visualize two small spirals in your feet activating your feet chakra to make room for Earth energy to penetrate your energy field. See the energy entering your feet, carrying the life force throughout your entire body, from feet to the top of your head. This life force is the energy of awakening. The more grounded you are the more awakening happens.

Step 3: Bring your awareness and life force to the third eye (space between your eyebrows) See the energy spiraling CCW direction 9 times and then CW 9 times in your third eye. Now Bring awareness and life force to your physical eyes: first right eye. See the energy spiraling CCW direction 9 times and then CW 9 times in your eyes. Come back to third eye and just be present in your third eye, enjoy the awakening energy.

Step 4: Bring awareness to crown chakra and send wishes of awakening into the Universe.

Step 5: From top of your head bring your awareness to your heart chakra in the middle of chest and allow the energy of awakening to settle in the heart chakra. Open the chest and keep the heart center open in receiving the energy of awakening. Think of Loving thoughts.

For BEST results we strongly suggest to get the full meditation recording (download) of this meditation (50% for 3 days only). By listening to this audio regularly you'll notice how your awakening frequency and the awakening of others will increase. It is a very powerful recording that uses special effects to impress the subconscious mind in very subtle ways in order to tap into the power of Awakening with ease, peacefully without forcing the outcome.

Blessings, Lily Natures Blessings

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