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Friday, April 18, 2014

Lemurians Teachings about Abundance Wealth Prosperity


Abundance is a state within.

The mistake people make is that they focus their entire energies outside of themselves which results in getting off balance.

Focus on what works and replicate that over and over again
In other words look back in time when you created success in any area of your life, get into that emotional mood and recreate the energy so you can replicate that success in any area of your life.

People think of abundance as money only.
Money is a part of the abundance state as a medium of energy exchange but it is not the entire picture.

Money is a byproduct, a result of the effort, work and energy you put out into the world. However money can create mixed feelings as money was and is still used as a tool of greed, destroying nature and enslavement by lower entities that operate out of fear. At the same time money is used for great purposes to help and empower humanity. That is why money has a mixed energetic imprint in your consciousness and you must do individual money consciousness cleansing and healing work on your DNA, ancestral, soul and conscious levels.

Change the vibrations of money energy; see it as your individual value
How much do you value yourself? How much do others value you? How much do you value others? These 3 questions are very important to ask in order to work on value that is closely connected with abundance.

Another mistake people focus on is the poverty issue.
Focus on “lack of poverty” that creates the opposite which is the state of abundance.

Abundance is the state that Nature exists in
If you are not connected with Mother Nature you are not abundant. Think of the trees, animals, birds, plants, mountains, oceans. See, watch, listen, hear how nature gives birth to itself how it unfolds and learn from it. Let it be your guidance, your teacher, your friend.

Don’t take from the earth more then what is needed. Do not disrespect nature.

Do not waste!
Nature, Mother Earth is a living being. Do not try to change the course of nature. It has a rhythm, it lives in cycles, respect that. Respect the low tides and high tides of the rhythm of life. When abundance moves into the low tide, it is time to go inward, spend less, eat less, perhaps go into fasting mode: physical as well as spiritual. That allows for bringing cleansing into ones thoughts, emotions, mind. After the cleansing ends, the “fest” begins and you find yourself in the high tides, enjoying your abundance.

Think, rethink
, and master the concept of birth, death, rebirth of the nature.
Learn, learn and relearn.

Sharing and giving is allowing the flow of abundance in your life.
If you can give, if you can share you have plenty, you are plenty.

Declutter, let go, release: thoughts, emotions, stuff. The more you release the more you receive… Knowing how to manage and be on charge of your abundant life is key. Be wise! Abundance is about balance: give and receive equally. Do not be afraid to say NO for the sake of keeping the balance.

Learn to Respect balance: it is closely connected with abundance.

Choose to be happy
Have trust and faith always: you have enough, you are enough.
Lilly Natures Blessings

Message received from Lemurian Nation on Abundance on Dec 28, 2012 Cancer Full Moon – brought forth by Lilly Natures Blessings

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