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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grounding: root chakra meditation

Lack of grounding causes adrenalin imbalance, stress, fatigue, insomnia, loose our center, our balance…

Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

Earthing or Grounding is very helpful for intuitive, sensitives, empath people and for most women. Feet chakras are portals of communication with the Earth’s energy.

Feet Chakra Balancers are great tools for Grounding. They create a protective field around feet that will block intrusion of unwanted energy. Once feet chakras are unblocked the root chakra (where kundalini lies dormant) that is associated with grounding, instinct, security, manifestation, abundance becomes balanced and stable.

The folowing is a good grounding meditation that uses brainwave entrainment, the best way to experience this meditation is to use headphones along with the full length.

This meditation uses the earths natural frequency of 7.83hz combined with other grounding tones. Producing an experience of wholeness and oneness with the earth and all living things around you.

Master your Feet if you want to go into the Right Direction!!!

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