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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Moon Shift and Haiti New Earth Chakra

I barely read the news so I don’t know exactly what is happening in Haiti but I know that a negative vortex of confusion and sadness has been created by the earthbound spirits. Many visionaries have foreseen the Haiti disaster. Please send good vibes, boost and prayers.
In my astral work I met with a few of energy healers and light workers working with the souls that are still hanging around the earth plane over there and it takes time and energy to do that. They also need prayers as it’s hard not to get emotionally involved. I am also asking to send some boost to this family I am working with. The teenage son contacted me very confused and sad last night and now he found his parents. His little sister is still alive but they cannot find her. Please send prayers for the best outcome…
Light and healing for those stuck souls…
there is a lot of detoxing happening in the world...

Today the whole day I was having a hard time staying in this dimension, was dizzy all day long loosing my balance for few times , whole house spining... felt the shift BIG TIME!!!
It is very important to stay in high vibes NOW!!

My heart was in pain since Haiti disaster, there is a huge heart chakra opening in the world since the Haiti disaster, and I am so amazed by people's loving reaction. The earth is really opening the heart center beautifuly... Awww!!! Fells like the Earth's heart chakra is shifting to Haiti...

so... Anyone feeling the shift?
We are indeed getting upgraded.

Staying in the flow...

Regarding the recent shifting, I believe alot of the energy has moved to a pinnacle near the Haiti area and the negative energies are being cleansed by Haiti as a channel, this is happening universally to the earth and to all of those who are aligned and in conscious awareness with the earth and the celestial arenas.

Mars is in Earths 'Space' and mercury is just going direct from its retrograde position, a new lunar phase begins and is greeted by a solar eclipse, you may be absorbing the anger of others and feel your self channeling the negative energies around you, the poles are shifting within and without, and duality is seperating, mother earth is cleansing herself and the negative needs to be transmuted, it is coming through us now more then ever.

Find ways to hold your energy ground yourself and allow the energy to pass through you not holding on to any of it or judging it in any way, just open your heart and send love it will transmute the energy very quickly and allow you to move into higher spaces timeless new spaces, we must learn to basque in the freedom that comes with the loss of this massive density we have been carrying for eons. Just letting go of feelings of hopelessness and despair, they no longer belong in the space and are ready to leave, recognize that it is not yours, do not own it in anyway, the victim/martyr template is vanishing and we are becoming holographic conscious beings with a new template, this is a giant leap in evolution and its happening right now in the quickening of linear time.

This is an opportunity for us to participate in active awareness to the evolution in consciousness of the entire planet! This is a time to reclaim your POWER! the shift being felt on every level by everyone, you can feel helpless and unsupported in a territory that you have never been before.

During the new moon my body went into an overload of the incoming energies and I could feel the anxiety from all around, the left side of my body was numb my lungs became constricted and my heart started to burn, my back felt as though it was carrying a heavy load and my crown was open that I had no control of any of it I felt like dying, sorrow despair hopelessness, all passing through me, I felt very dizzy and needed to be horizontal for the following 2 days and was unable to sleep at nightime, if I didn't know what was happening energetically, I would have felt lost and suicidal completely separate from everything.

I grounded myself and put myself in a pillar of light which really help to 'stay safe' and let any releasing that needed to be down or pass through me do so through the pillar of light. 3 days in needed before I felt it was settling, today feels better and I feel new and impressionable like a new born, excited at the new adventure into unknown and uncharted reality ahead of us in the year to come.
This was the first new moon of 2010 clearing a path, moving away the dense heavy burdens and ushering in the new light.

Set new intentions and align yourself with the elemental and celestial kingdoms, we are in for quite a flight.

Bright blessings warriors of light, stay in higher realms we are on the path to Heavens Gates!

Poems of Change: http://rhetoricalalchemy.blogspot.com/



One of the many emails I have been receiving from our readers ~ A personal account of the recent shift:

Dear Yasmine

Thank you for your post about what you were feeling from haiti . I found myself after it happened being consumed with sadness and the feelings not wanting to be here again, along with others.I went thru this a couple weeks ago and wrote to you about it, i dont know if you received it or not but I didnt understand what was happening to me and when the disaster happen it all came back full force.

I kept it to myself that time but knew what I had been feeling before was indication of what was to come.I dont like feeling confused or scared , no one does. I have had to distance myself from CNN in order to carry out my daily activities. I have felt like a sponge and I know for a fact that I am changing in addition to what is going on in this world.I feel like I am moving at the speed of light , and astrally I have been a little afraid to leave my body anymore at this time.

I have left my body and I have seen some of what is going on over there, i cant deal with that right now.I feel energies pulsating thru me at times with such force that I have had to pray about it.I am rapidly changing, adjusting, or just trying to maintain.But I do know I have to stay distance myself from things more than ever,
I am not crazy, thank goodness, not yet.


We are ALL ONE and connected to ALL that is...

Many people had very similar experiences and it is important to know that we are transforming and not dying. I have experienced this type of energy before but not as strong as this past New Moon. I didn’t have suicidal thoughts and felt sadness because I purged in November when I went on a journey in Peru during master teacher plant ayahuasca ceremonies. The plant really helped me get rid of what was old and unnecessary to my bodies. I strongly believe that we are also detoxing our past lives, as the dimensions are somehow interchanging that’s why so much confusion and anxiety. My heart was in pain and the only thing that helped me was the implant neutralizer which also acts as a healing tool. The dizziness stopped today and I feel also much better, renewed. The blue lotus you sent helped me stay centered in my heart, I so love its energy, very soothing and loving.


Thanks Lilly,

The Implant Neutralizer is what I was using to remove the negative energy I put it on my heart and the energy started finding its way to all my chakras, It's so big it really helped me I also had the POWER cone from you that I put on my solar plexus these tools as well as the elixirs helped to balance my up and down cycling and remember what to do and be in awareness of what was happening, I did not feel suicidal myself not once did I want to end my life- but it was easy for me to see how another person could have felt these thoughts if they were not aware of the truth and universal workings, I was picking up these thoughts from around me as well as all fear based beliefs.

I had done a similar journey with shamanic vision herbs in the summer and it helped me through the shifting, so I definately believe we have entered a time where we need to allow the wisdom of the Plants to shape our realities-
Vision quests and journeys open us up to the truth of what is happening so its ALWAYS a life changing experience for transformation and growth.

Wishing everyone an easy metamorphosis;)


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