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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elven Realms

As a child I had an affinity toward the elves, and that is because of their attachment to the plant kingdom, trees and deep forests, and my own, this is where I spent the most memorable moments of my childhood, they have always 'spoken' to me, 'showimg' me things, such as gifts from nature..
The energies of late have opened vast portals closely related to the trees and woods around, I have received several communications with the elves and 'experiences' when taken to their magickal realms, their language mostly they 'spoke' telepathically.

I first words I was given were "elven awakening' so I searched the term that took me to this webpage 'elven awakening' I thought the content was worth sharing:

Orbs in Photographs

Q. I have -- it's kind of a couple of questions, and I will be as brief as I can. I really have an affinity to the fairies, and this came out to me the more that I open spiritually. And I loved your first answer of the connection between the two, but one of the things that I am noticing both with myself and my other friends is that in a lot of the photographs that were taken, especially when I am in my space where I do a lot of my meditation and channelling and stuff, I have orbs that to me have, like, fairies and the Elves and that kind of an energy inside of them that are showing up on pictures. And my friends are also sending me pictures of the same with these orbs and things.

Is this a means of the Elven world and these other worlds being able to come to us or show to us, or is there no connection between that?

KIRAEL: I would answer that beautiful, beautifully stated question in this manner: Because, lass, your world is losing its edge of what we call duality -- now you have to know that the Creator put the balance in this plane of good and not so good because it is what it wanted to use to experience itself into the form of duality.

Yet, now that the great duality reign is coming to closure and you are about to move into another level of consciousness, many of the energies such as yourself, the fiery -- we call them the fiery angels, but over here you refer to them as the fairies. We call them the friary angels, not fiery but friary angels, and they come over here enmassed in themself, and the first thing they had to do was take off their wings, right? They had to put their wings away and walk just like We the People.

And then they found themself growing up from what used to be their full, full height -- you know, the really tall ones sometimes would be like 14, almost 15 inches, and then they grew up into these full sized human beings, and, oh, what a stretch that was for them. But in that reality the bubbles and the things that -- the bobbles and the things that you see in your pictures now, these are the actual fairy and Elven energies that are being maneuvered around your Earth plane, and they are being stationed for the great awakening.

And so when you take a flash picture and you see things in that picture that don't make sense, we are so thankful for the greater part of the human society that goes: "Look, there must have been a spot on me lens". We love you for that, because you don't get too excited. But those of you like yourself, my friend, that look at those and you know what they are.

This is a travel bog -- what they call a travel bog for energetic patterns that are going to come through and have never been here to this plane of consciousness in the form that it’s in now. They literally put themself in what they call a travel bog, and it’s almost like an egg, if you would, round -- a little bit rounder than an egg, and it moves through this, the dimensional pause, or what you -- now, over on this side you call them -- what do you call them? Dimensional portals. On the other side they call them dimensional pauses. And so through the pause is how they send the friary light and the Elven light that are going to come here and still not manifest solely in full embodiment, but be prepared for when the Great Shift takes place.

So all the pictures you have -- would you do me a grand favor, lass, would you send one of them over to the Great Shift in consciousness over here, and so they can put it on the medium's website so all of the people coming in can look at a bobble of the friary world or the Elven world. Whichever you -- whatever picture you have, send them one over here and we will put it upon the site, because it is so important for you to understand that you are not alone.

And especially, my friary friend, my fairy friend as you call yourself, know this: That your world is gaining greater strength over here every single day. This Great Shift in consciousness for what we call We the People is just beginning. You haven't seen anything yet. Thank you for that kind and generous question. Mahalo.

connect with the elementals associated to the environment that surrounds you will will be pleasantly surprised at the response you receive!

The Elven Society on Lemuria

"The question arises: When is the last time a great population of Elvens was upon your planet Earth? And the answer is simple, my friends: It is the time of Lemuria, such a short time ago, only 50,000 or so years by our measure. And, yes, they were here at that very time, along with that new breed, that new energy that would one day be called Earth human.

This is the first time that they became connected in source, and in light. They brought with them such grandness that it was such a grand awakening for both of these societies. They blended together at that time. They became one in the same. For their race was so close, so much, so dearly alike that they blended. And up until the very time that Lemuria's population was decreased back to the plant and the mineral weave. But up until that moment, the crossings became."

Children in the Elven World

Q. Well, my question is about the children. How do the adults work with the Elven children to raise them, I guess you would -- I would say?

KIRAEL: All right. They don't consider themself -- first of all, they don't considered themselves raised. Elven children are born, much like this little one here in the back, they are born with very, very what you consider thin veils, because no matter what society you are in, you are going to have veils. It is the only way you can maintain a sort of a physical realm.

So they are born almost veilless. They begin talking at approximately 73 to 75 days, they begin their conversation with their parent world. The parent world's sole responsibility to the being that is born to them, and this is a grand opportunity -- thank you, Kitty -- you have to realize that a couple -- an Elven couple will only procreate or reproduce their beautiful children about every 40 years or more in some cases. They do not go through the birthing process much like you here on the Earth do. Because they live so long, they don't have to repopulate...

...Anyway, in the answer to your question so I can fulfill the answer completely, Kitty, is this: They start their schooling, as I said, as soon as they begin to talk, and let's just round it off and say at about 75 days, they’re in full conversation. There is very few animals other than maybe your small ponies and some of these other beasts of burdens that will walk as quick as an Elven. An Elven normally walks before it talks. So you understand -- and they are miniature, miniature little creatures. Little tiny things. I think that is where the word "elf" really gets its hold because they stay small for a very, very long time, only because they are put in different schools in different places.

They start a rigorous information gathering force because they are going to be around for hundreds of years. So they have access to what we consider to be the cosmic Akashic records, and, therefore, they are taught from those. And in their teachings, for them it is like being the proverbial sponge of life, they just gather everything they can. They stay children, if you will, for a very, very long time. In fact, an adult Elven, an a difficult elf would probably be considered somewhere around 45 to 50 years old as it reaches adulthood.

So you can see their childhood extends a lot longer than the human experience. The human experience -- most of you let your children be children for about three or four years, and then you want them to turn into adults by telling them don't cry and dress perfectly, and don't do this and don't do that. The Elven world, the word "doesn't, don't, no way, I don't know," they don't even have them in their vocabulary. So you can see that they get to nurture their children for quite some time.

Again, I am actually estimating at the time of childhood ending somewhere in the mid-forties to early fifties, that length of time. When you are in thirties and forties, you’re considered probably what you would consider to be a teenager here on the Earth plane, and then you go into adulthood. And even then, to be quite candid with you, they don't grow up very fast. They hold on to that love and light as long as they can.

So that is basically the difference or let's even call it the similarities between you and the human world and the Elven world. Thank you, Kitty, and God bless.

Blesssed be,


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