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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Cleanse Your Aura with the Healing Trees

 Trees there are so “alive” even if they look dry; they have so many spirits in them and beautiful sophisticated and wise characters.  
I always have such a great time exchanging energy with them.
Trees are true gifts of Mother Nature.

If you pay attention they talk to you, give you messages they even connect you with your spirit guides and ancestors.  
My favorite tree is over 3000 years old which lives, outside Las Vegas, at Mt Charleston. Every time I approach this tree, I feel chills in my body, because its aura radiates so big and its impossible not to feel humble and gratitude. Imagine the wisdom that this tree holds. It has been here longer than us. 

Trees have the ability to cleanse negativity in the emotional and mental bodies that reflect as tension or pain in the physical body.
They are well known to detoxify negative thinking.
That’s probably why we feel so good in the nature, specially around trees.  

To protect your aura grounding is necessary, and trees are extremely grounding, they teach us to be stable and have a solid foundation.
That’s why we feel so grounded when we are around trees.  

There are many ways and one of the most popular methods is to imagine that you are growing roots from your feet deep into the earth, like a tree.I love this method because feet are the main points of connection with the Earth.  

When you feel heavy, dull, tired and need aura protection imagine that you are merging with a tree.   A lot of us healers or energy sensitive people can easily pick up negative energy from around us.

When people awaken, they face negative issues first and most of the time is not pretty. This is part of the Spiritual Awakening. We need to learn how to keep our aura clean without picking up on others energies, instead allow them to experience their own awakening. This is crucial.

  If you start being around the trees and connect with them via your awareness you can find and learn the truth.   Trees are sacred. Treat them with respect.

Trees and humans have a very deep and special connection.

In fact Native Americans refer to the trees as “standing brothers and sisters.”   Set an intention before approaching a tree.  
Here I am sharing 6 steps to connect with trees so you can cleanse your aura, heal and receive


 Step 1. Intuition Let your intuition pick a tree.
If there are many trees around or if you are in a forest, just feel what tree is calling you.  

Step 2. Ask for Permission
Once you have felt a deep connection within, approach the tree with respect and high awareness… In other words ask permission to enter their energy field. They will always give you permission, but by asking you establish a high connection with them.
Be humble in your approach.
Trees have told me that when you enter their energy field with a high awareness they will help you not only clean your aura or heal but also teach you and reveal sacred knowledge and give you psychic insight.  

Step 3. Talk to the Tree Ask for healing, cleansing your aura, or anything you need to know.
Don’t be afraid to talk to the tree even if might sound weird. I had my round of ridicule comments and laughter about me hugging or talking to the trees but I continued talking and hugging to the trees anyway. Like Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” So don’t be shy to communicate with the trees.  

Step 4. Physical Connection Touch the tree, hug the tree, sit under the tree.
Make that physical connection. Personally I like to place my forehead on the tree to receive information from the tree, and I like to hug the tree for aura cleanse and just show the tree my love and joy.  

Step 5. Presence and Let go of negative thoughts Just be present with the energy of the tree, try to feel its vibrations and allow any information from the tree come to you, be in the receiving, healing and cleansing mode. See if you can let go of negative thoughts and try to see if you can become one with the Tree, merging both energy fields: yours and the tree  

Step 5. Gratitude
Say a thank you prayer before you leave the tree’s space and smile at the tree.  

Step 6. Tree Connection Aftermath After you leave tree’s space, look at the tree from the distance and see if you can see, feel or hear any fairies, or spirits of the tree.
There is another chance that you might get a message from the spirit of the tree.  
So these are the 6 steps. I hope you will play with them.  

Al trees are cleansing. They all have spiritual essence and hold different energies and different spirits. I remember one time I came back from a hike and I counted 100 trees I have hugged on the way down.  
Each and every tree had a different energy.
For example some of them reminded me of a dear auntie who passed away and shared with me some beautiful truth and lessons, another one had an energy of a dear teacher, another one the energy of my father that had to share some insight with me… It was such an empowering experience.
My aura was not only extremely clean but I felt so good and joyful…   So go out and Experiment with different trees.  
Share this information with others who need a good tree connection and aura cleanse. Let me know how this works for you. 
Tree Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings  

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