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Friday, October 8, 2010

Charleston Peak Mountain Vortex Opened

In the past, every time I hiked Charleston Peak in Sierra Mountains, I experienced extreme sickness about half mile to where a “mysterious” airplane crashed in 1955. Charleston Peak, at 11,916 feet (3,632 m), is the highest of the Spring Mountains of southern Nevada.
Most of the mountain peaks are typically centers of high energy (vortexes) some being opened and some being dormant or even negative (unpleasant/unhealthy). Some of them accumulate a lot of energy from the Earth and shoot out towards the sky in a very beautiful and pleasant balance between the sky and the earth. When these vortexes feel unpleasant or the energy is somehow negative, than accidents happen in that area.

Sometimes the trees - if they exist are twisted in those spots.

Being energy sensitive sometimes can be really annoying or painful, specially when I hike.

Although it has been a long time since that plane crashed at Mt Charleston Peak, the vibes were not good at all, and so I had to do some work on that powerful spot.
Every time I would hike up there I could see blocks of energy and gray unhealthy rays shooting towards the sky. The energy from under the earth was struggling to come out to the surface to reunite with the sky where there is balance. In one of my hikes there I almost threw up and had visions of blood everywhere, seeing people dying in that crash. There was still earthbound spirits roaming the area and they did not let me pass without experiencing “pain’ everywhere in my body and extreme nausea unless I promised I will free them and write about what I have seen/heard in my visions.

In those “conversations” with the earthbounds, they wanted the veil of secrecy revealed, mentioning to me “top secret operation”, a “secret factory”, all sort of testing”, “spy aircrafts”, and much more, blaming the secret government/CIA for the crash. Before they crashed, they were heading for the secret “Area 51” (Groom Lake) where a lot of “experiments” took place. Few of them had survived hours after the crash and were so upset that no one saved them.

It felt very emotional and as I am writing this I am having a hard time to detach emotionally. Amongst them there were scientists and air force/CIA people as well as civilians.

Some of the people that died in that crashed, crossed over; however there were still 5 earthbounds left. I made 5 orgone gifts with the intention to free the souls and open the vortex, freeing the energy of this powerful mountain.

A hawk and other birds showed up right when I got to the wreck and flew above that spot guiding my orgone gifting. There was very emotional for me as the energy was unbelievable powerful, could feel chills all over, not to mention how dizzy I was.
There was still emotional work to be done so after I have gifted the vortex I had to sit quiet and do more energy work.
There was a huge amount of releases taking place and started to feel much better immediately after the vortex has been gifted. The next morning after the vortex was opened there was a thunderstorm, with heavy rainfall that really confirmed the liberation of the vortex. Every time a big vortex is freed there is rain pouring cleaning the whole area in about 24 hours, sometimes immediately. When we have gifted the surroundings of Area 51, few years ago, thunderstorm and heavy rain literarily “followed us” .

When I looked at Charleston Peak vortex remotely the next day, I saw the vortex breathing freely.. there is still some energy to be freed but overall it looks great and the energy of Vegas is affected in a healthier way.

Rain also washed the remaining etheric “innocent blood”. May those people rest in peace now.
Power to the ORGONE and peace to the innocent “victims”

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